About IMS Infrastructure Management Services

IMS Infrastructure Management Services is an employee owned and operated pavement distress data collection firm with offices in Tempe, Arizona,  Rolling Meadows, Illinois, and Cambridge, Ontario. Since its inception in 1985, IMS has progressively developed new automated pavement data collection technologies together with real-world software applications to become a recognized international leader in the field of pavement management and right of way asset management. Our fleet of automated data collection vehicles performs pavement surface distress surveys, rutting and roughness surveys, deflection surveys, multi-camera video logging, and is capable of creating a right of way asset inventory. Our pavement management software and right of way asset software solutions provide the tools required to meet the complex challenges within the modern urban and rural environment.

IMS Timeline

IMS has completed more than 425 pavement management projects and right-of-way asset management assignments for government agencies and private-sector companies throughout the United States and Canada. As an entity,

IMS has completed projects for:

  • Over 425 City and County agencies plus 22 large-scale public works departments.
  • 9 state agencies and transportation authorities.
  • Collected data for more than 15 different software platforms, ranging from our own proprietary systems, to 3rd party programs including GBA Master Series (GBA Master Series Right of Way Master, GBA Master Series Sign Master, GBA Master Series Signal Master, GBA Master Series Street Master), Deighton's dTIMS, Hansen's Street Module, Cartegraph (CarteGraph’s PAVEMENTview, CarteGraphs’s SIGNALview and CarteGraphs’s SIGNview), MTC's (Metropolitan Transportation Commission) StreetSaver, and MicroPAVER.
  • Developed 4 pavement management and asset management applications.
  • Performed work with more than 8 database and mapping applications.
  • Developed revolutionary data collection tools that set the standard for objective automated pavement surveys.

In addition to providing pavement management software and services, IMS operates an advanced, state-of-the-art fleet of data collection units. Our pavement and right-of-way testing equipment includes:

Road Surface Testers (RST)

Road Surface Testers (RST) The RST is capable of collecting automated pavement condition data and right-of-way asset data in a single pass. The RST incorporates lasers, distance measuring instruments, accelerometers and rate gyroscopes, inertial navigation based GPS and high resolution, forward, downward and side view digital images and video. Through the use of the pavement data collection vehicles laser-camera array, the RST collects objective pavement surface distress data, roughness and rutting.


DynaflectDynaflects provide nondestructive, multi-sensor dynamic deflection data for pavement structure analysis. Dynaflects have a long history of collecting dependable, repeatable data, and may be used on asphalt and concrete roads.