Data Analysis

IMS can perform the following in addition to customized pavement analysis work:

  • Detailed laser pavement analysis
  • Pavement Maintenance and Pavement Rehabilitation Reports
  • Right of way asset planning
  • Acceptance testing
  • Project-level testing and overlay design service
IMS Analysis

IMS Analysis

IMS Analysis

Analysis - IMS will obtain agency input to review the current pavement maintenance plans and rehabilitation practices and determine the appropriate strategies, unit rates and budgets for analysis. Once the unit rates and operating parameters of the system are set up, we will start the following analysis and reporting as part of the software training, updating and support:

  • Street ownership and inventory/attribute report.
  • Present pavement condition ranking - identify the current condition of each street in the network, as well as the network as a whole.
  • Fix all budget analysis - this identifies the upper limit of spending by rehabilitating all streets assuming unlimited funding.
  • Do nothing analysis - this identifies the effects of completing no roadway rehabilitation.
  • Steady state pavement rehabilitation life cycle analysis - this identifies the minimum amount of rehabilitation that must be completed in order to maintain the existing level of service.
  • Integration of capital projects and Master Plans - ongoing and proposed projects that affect roadway rehabilitation planning will be incorporated into the analysis.
  • Draft 5 year pavement rehabilitation and prioritized paving plans - based on need, available budget and level of service constraints - a minimum of three budget runs will be completed.
  • Final prioritized paving plan - incorporating feedback from stakeholder departments and utilities, complete with budget and level of service constraints.
  • Recommendations for maintaining the database and future pavement data collection cycles.

Report Development - the pavement data collection and pavement analysis results will be documented and bound into a single report that may be used for planning, Construction Inspection Program (CIP) reporting, and Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement 34 reporting. The report will contain an executive summary, report print outs, summary and detailed data, complete with analysis results plus a back up disk copy of the data.

IMS Report Development   IMS Report Development