PavePRO Manager

IMS PavePRO Manager Software PavePRO Manager is a robust and comprehensive pavement analysis tool for managing urban and rural roadway networks. It provides a means of cost effectively managing the pavement. PavePRO is unique to the industry as it was designed specifically for those who manage the streets. This strongly engineered application will assist all the needs of an agency who is trying to manage their pavement, clean up an inventory, integrate to GIS, and run comprehensive reports or budget scenarios. PavePRO is designed with the user in mind. Read more about PavePRO.

ROWman Application

IMS ROWman Software ROWman is a robust and comprehensive right of way asset analysis tool for managing urban and rural asset inventories. It provides the agency with a means of assessing the condition and location of all assets maintained within the right of way (signs, sidewalks, ada ramps, etc.). Effectively this data can be integrated with GIS to allow for a seamless plot of agency owned assets in a graphical representation. Read more about ROWman.